Terms & Conditions

Dispatch Times

We begin dispatching as soon as we are able. Delivery will begin in February/March. We dispatch in string rotation that the orders we received.


We may have to substitute varieties, e.g. due to poor harvest or supplier issues. However demand may exceed supply. If you do not want substitutes please indicate this by checking the box provided, and we will be able to reimburse you.


We guarantee that the goods you ordered will be in excellent condition on leaving us. If you experience any problems during growth you should inform us immediately. If we deem the stock to have been faulty, we will replace, substitute or credit your order.

We will not guarantee the goods against things outside our control such as pest damage, weather or poor cultivation.

Delivery issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis but we encourage you to declare in your order, using the "Notes" field provided on the form, if you will be on holiday in March, April or May.

We get very few complaints but will always act upon any comment or problem.